Therapeutic Massage and its benefits

Modalities of massage therapy indispensable in modern life

Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Early aging. Muscular pain. Discouragement. Fatigue. Low Immunity. Words that we hear all the time and are part of our reality, more and more moved to pressure and discomforts that make us park or work at the minimum power, unfortunately.

And how do you deal with that?

How can we provide ourselves with rest, relaxation and pleasure without leaving our daily activities aside? How can we enjoy a well-deserved break where our body and mind are the main beneficiaries?

Known as one of the most sought after alternatives of body relaxation in Brazil and in the world, Therapeutic Massage is a technique that has as its central point to apply relaxing movements directly to the muscles of the body and points of intense tension, causing positive stimuli of inestimable value when we think about quality of life, satisfaction and inner peace.

Therapeutic Massage in Alphaville

Check out below some of the main modalities of the practice that, once present in your routine, softens the tensions of everyday life, rebalances your body, invigorates energies, combats the evils caused by stress and makes the daily activities much more productive and enjoyable.

Quick Massage

Do you know that unpleasant weight on your shoulders and neck that sometimes ends your day? The Quick Massage is the modality of therapeutic massage that acts directly on these points of tension quickly and very effectively.

Appearing in the 80s as an option to offer relaxation to the tension of everyday life, especially in work environments, the Quick Massage is the result of the junction of the Shiatsu and the Anmá, two well-known oriental massages.

Its benefits are felt immediately and only improve with each session. Still on them, the balance of the cardiac, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems stands out. In other words, it is a modality that works in favor of the most important fronts of the body, restoring its health, well-being and willingness to move forward.

Anmá Massage

Originating from Japanese and resulting from the agglutination of the words AN, which means to squeeze, and MÁ, synonymous with rubbing and kneading, this modality of massage is one of the oldest and most traditional in the East.

Promoting the physiological balance of the body, relieving pain and accelerating the process of rebalancing energy, Anmá Massage explores techniques of sliding, kneading, vibration, pressure, percussion and stretching fantastic – and without you needing to remove any piece of clothing to receive them all.

Also without the use of creams or oils, the professional therapist uses the fingers, arms and hands as resources for the practice of this technique, providing relief from chronic pain, reducing muscle fatigue, strengthening the immune system and immediate relief from stress.


A Japanese massage governed by the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine, Shiatsu provides energy balance with its extremely relaxing and therapeutic massage, which presses and stimulates points explored in acupuncture in order to prevent or care for dysfunctions that arise because of the imbalance and stagnation of the circulation of our vital energy.

This imbalance and stagnation are caused by internal emotional conditions or by external causes such as excessive work and exercise, deprivation of nutrition and sleep, climate change or infectious diseases.

Shiatsu’s basic principle is the healing with the hands by means of a simple and refined technique in which the professional therapist uses fingers, thumbs, hands, elbows and knees to press, stretch and massage the ideal points of the body, since we, human beings, respond very well to touch.

For those who suffer from headaches, emotional problems such as depression and low esteem, sports injuries, insomnia, tiredness, intestinal disorders, respiratory problems, frequent coughs, sinusitis, arthritis and muscle tension, Shiatsu is the ideal therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic massage with Aromatherapy

We also offer the relaxing and energetic massage associated with Aromatherapy, an integrative therapy that uses the natural and aromatic essential oils of flowers, fruits, leaves, resins and roots of plants for their wide range of therapeutic properties for body and mind.

In this way, essential oils are chosen that best meet the needs of the person at that time, prioritizing a vision that integrates physical, emotional and mental needs. The massage itself is usually performed with vegetable oil or cream in which the essential oils are diluted, and the movements are mainly the sliding, kneading, and loosening of the regions of tension.

This massage promotes deep physical and mental relaxation associated with all the natural properties of aromatic essential oils that are absorbed by the skin and perceived by smell.

Did you like the Therapeutic Massage?

Did you get this far and identify with some of the modalities that we brought in this matter? Then, come visit us!

In Essência Yoga you will find exceptional professionals who master the Quick Massage, the Anmá and Shiatsu Massages and the Therapeutic Massage with aromatherapy with mastery, technique and wisdom, besides offering complete and oriented assistance for your lifestyle and treatment of physical and mental discomforts that need to be taken care of by those who understand the subject and know what health,

Physical and mental well-being and self-confidence are the secret to a pleasant and carefree vital walk – just to be happy and live well.