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Essential Oils

How to start using essential oils

If you are starting to use essential oils now, some care and information should be taken into consideration. There is one aspect of aromatherapy with which I do not identify: this aspect seeks to spread fear, as if essential oils were something dangerous or its use reserved for “certain people”, so to speak. I do …


A passionate for perfumes

Before I became passionate about perfumes 12 years ago, my vocabulary for describing smells was limited to words like “woody” or “floral”. Later, I found myself trying to enlarge it in order to describe the increasingly complex perfumes that came into my house in small samples. At the time, perfume blogs and some books were …


Therapeutic Massage and its benefits

Modalities of massage therapy indispensable in modern life Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Early aging. Muscular pain. Discouragement. Fatigue. Low Immunity. Words that we hear all the time and are part of our reality, more and more moved to pressure and discomforts that make us park or work at the minimum power, unfortunately. And how do you …